Inertech 120 second discharge systems - ISO 14520

ISO 14520 allows 120 second discharge time.

(EN 15004 is due to follow in the next year)

With Inertech this gives even more system cost savings:

  • Smaller pressure vents
  • Smaller discharge pipes
  • Longer pipe runs

Discharge times under different European standards for Inert Gases – 60s and 120s:

BS EN 15004-1: 2008: ‘The discharge time required to achieve 95% of the design concentration for non-liquefied extinguishants shall not exceed 60s at 20 o C…’

ISO 14520-1: 2015: ‘For inert gas the discharge time is the time required to discharge from the nozzles 95%....shall not exceed… 120 seconds for Class A hazards...’

FSL Inert System Benefits 

Our Inert 200 bar & 300 bar systems are able to comply with both, ISO 14520-1 & BS EN 15004-1 standards to achieve 60 and 120 second discharge without making any changes to equipment. 

This is due to the pressure controller which regulates the pressure from 300 bar to 60 bar. 

The discharge times can be controlled through the changing of the nozzle orifice plate that is placed within our discharge nozzles. 

  • No controlling restrictor orifice plates 
  • No pilot cylinders – selector valves driven from discharge manifold 
  • Pressure controlled discharge optimised for both 60 & 120 second discharge 
  • IG-01, IG-100, IG-55 & IG-541 all using the same hardware 
  • Reduced noise & turbulence during discharge 
  • No actuation on check valves on multi-room systems using selector valves
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