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INERTECH (IG-01, IG-100, IG-541 & IG-55)

FSL INERTECH systems provide total flood, naturally occurring, gaseous fire extinguishing with a discharge time of 60 to 120 seconds. INERTECH is fully approved and compliant (in both product and system categories) to LPCB, CE and A2P internationally recognised standards.

Inerting systems are ideal for the protection of irreplaceable contained in archives, stores, laboratories, gas turbines, oil sites, power generation and many more. The gas extinguishant disperses throughout the whole space and penetrates cabinets and restricted areas providing total protection. Leaving no residue, and not damaging the intended protected materials. 

Inertech system features & additional benefits:

All inert gases/mixtures approved and available. Pressure controlled discharge. Cylinders TPED certified. 60 second discharge. Benefits doubled with 120 second discharge possibilities. Reduced pipe work costs. Reduced over pressure venting area. Reduced discharge noise. Perfect for extending systems. Smaller nozzles. Low noise nozzle option. 200 or 300 bar systems. Pressure monitoring gauge and low pressure switch as standard. Up to 80 cylinders may be operated from a single solenoid actuator mounted on the master cylinder. Cylinders can be banked in single, double and triple rows for a compact installation footprint. Single or multiple zone protection is available from a single cylinder bank. Diverter valves are driven from the discharge manifold avoiding additional pilot cylinders and valves. Nozzles may be pendant or side wall mounted for ease of installation. Flow calculation software from VdS for reliable system design

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    Product approvals
    LPCB Full System Approval & Component Approval
    LPCB Full System Approval & Component Approval
    A2P Full System Approval & Component Approval
    A2P Full System Approval & Component Approval
    CE (CPR) Component Approval
    CE (CPR) Component Approval
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