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Simplifying Fire Suppression

FSL are an internationally approved and certified gaseous extinguishing system manufacturer. The organisation's original form (established in 2008) was rebranded FSL (Firetec Systems Limited) in 2013, and from inception to date, has gained traction and built sustainable business partnerships within the fire industry sector. This is based on first-class service, reaction time, commitment to quality, and high ethical standards.

The organisation is under new management, who will use the excellent technical and operational base forged over the previous years, to modernise, develop, and support our customers with existing and developing sustainable solutions, not only in product technologies, but also in technical and operational support.

FSL ethos and mission statement. "At FSL we believe that our customer experience separates us from the rest. We strive to go above and beyond for our partners and proudly abide by the mantra 'big enough to cope, small enough to care'. We will continue to implement, maintain and continually improve quality processes to provide flexible, available but most importantly sustainable solutions to the fire trade, with our ultimate aim of 'Simplifying fire suppression'"

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Restriction of PFAS (Euralarm response)
21 November
FK5112 extinguishing agent expected to be available for use and distribution until at least 2039
17 November
06 October
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Gaseous fire extinguishing systems are an effective way to protect against damage to high value assets, especially when it is important to have no collateral damage caused by the extinguishant or residues. This is particularly relevant for any kind of electric risk (Data Centre, IT rooms, Control rooms, Switchgear rooms etc.). Also relevant to very sensitive equipment or assets (Art, Antiques, Rare books etc.). 

When protecting priceless, high value, and essential to run risks, gaseous fire extinguishing becomes the first and only choice. An additional factor to the afore mentioned is personnel safety, as many of these protected spaces are occupied, either permanently or occasionally. Our systems are designed to save assets, critical data and most importantly, lives. Adhering to internationally recognised standards and testing protocols. 

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